300 Club



Last  meeting   MondaySeptember 3rd 2018   The Black Lion, High Roding


Happy New Year. The 300 club has been a fund raiser for the Essex Hunt for many years, and the clubs aim is to contribute as much as we can each year to the hunt funds.

During the summer months we hold six draws at different venues where the tickets are entered into a draw. These draws are held at different venues, and for those who enjoy propping up the bar at the local pub, these are the main venues across the Essex Hunt country. Normally people meet at approx 8.00pm. Many of you have subscribed to the 300 club in the past and your continued support has provided a large donation to the Essex Hunt every year.

As a subscriber you will have the opportunity to get together throughout the summer months along with the chance of winning up to £175 in prize money each draw and  one GRAND DRAW in October worth £300.

Members are invited to join us in a selection of very hospitable Essex pubs, where the draw will take place amongst friends and supporters of the Essex Hunt. Next draw will take place and light refreshments will be provided.

Subscriptions for 2015 Single – £20.00, Double – £36.00, Three -£45.00, Four -£50.00, Ten – £100 There will a change in the prizes this year so watch this space for more information GOOD LUCK Hurry up and get your numbers for next year.  (Its worth every penny).

So, if you would like to join the 300 club and enjoy a really fun night out as well as possibly winning a cash prize.  Download a form now

To join simply fill in your name and remember there is discount for more than one membership