Point to Point 2015



As someone once said  ‘you only get out what you put in’ and the Essex Hunt are really grateful to all its members for the huge effort they all put in to ensure our Point to Point is a success each year.   This year numbers were down a little on last year but the weather was have ‘undecided’ moment at about 10 am which was about the time people are deciding what to do for the day and I must admit it didn’t look like it was going to clear up.  However,the sun came out and from the point of racing it was the perfect day.  A little cold but good racing.




The Farmer’s tent was,  as always packed.  It is always a very social event and we are delighted to invite as many farmers and their families as a thank you for all their support during the season. Each year we seem to get a bigger tent, but there is never any more room.



Robert and his team looked a picture as they rode to their various positions around  the course to catch, and return any horses that had been parted from their riders.


Spider in the sky keeping an eye on us all                                                           Parade of the Essex Hounds

DSC_7097      DSC_7123



The Essex Point to Point is a great family day out with Fun Fair for the children,  trade stands and hospitality tents to suit everyone and racing on one of the best kept courses in England.





Race 1 & 2 Pony Racing                                                           And then onto the big girls and boys

DSC_7079  DSC_7153

DSC_7199  DSC_7202

DSC_7239 DSC_7416